Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 11/12 , 2010 - Brianna wants a little brother

A few weeks ago, Brianna and I were watching cartoons, her favorite pastime. An episode of Max and Ruby came on. You have probably seen it, they play so many reruns. It's Ruby's birthday, and Max has done his job getting her to her surprise party on time. She is opening presents with all her friends, painstakingly unwrapping them to preserve the paper for a later date. Meanwhile, Max is trying vainly to find the perfect gift for her, listening as she raves about the papers and how special they are, and how the gifts they wrap must be especially special because of how beautiful the paper is. So, finally, Max settles on a gift for Ruby: himself, or rather a hug, wrapped up in all of Ruby's beautiful papers.

At the end of the show, Brianna's little bottom lip came poking out, and she burst out in tears. Panicked, thinking she had pinched herself or something, I started asking her what was wrong. Realizing it wasn't an "ouchy" cry, but an "I want something" cry, I started listing off the things I thought she might be desirous of. I talked to her about how she had just had a birthday, reminded her of the wonderful gifts she had just gotten. Then I started asking her, "Do you want __?", listing off all of the gifts Ruby had received for her birthday.

As I spoke to her, she stopped crying, but after every gift I named off, her little lip would poke out again, indicating that, no, that was not what she wanted. So finally, with a sneaking suspicion, I said to her, "You don't want a little brother, do you?" Immediately, she smiled a great, shiny little smile, and cooed her affirmation. Knowing I was about to break her little heart, I patiently explained to Brianna that Mommy can't give her a little brother right now, that she has to have a Daddy first. That little lip immediately came right back out, and the tears started rolling. She finally calmed down when I told her, "Maybe someday you can have a little brother."

So, yeah....combine that with the multitude of friends I have either having babies or getting pregnant right now, and baby fever is crazy for me right now.

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